Readers of The Washington Post were greeted with a full-page announcement by the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation that the companies participating had achieved their goal of reducing the annual calorie supply by 1.5 trillion calories two years ahead of schedule. … Continue reading
With state legislative seasons wrapping up and official deadlines approaching, activists placed their hopes to end beverage freedom on a California soda tax proposal. Now, legislators have placed it in the “suspense file,” which effectively kills it. Proponents had hoped … Continue reading
Yesterday, a California Senate Committee heard testimony on a proposal, Senate Bill 622, to place a $1.28 per-gallon tax on soft drinks in the state. (If that doesn’t sound like much, consider that the state’s tax on the roughly equal-calorie … Continue reading
When the New York City soda ban was announced, among its most fervent partisans was MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski. She notably threw a fit when Judge Milton Tingling struck it down. This week, we found out why. Chasing this year’s … Continue reading
In today’s POLITICO (the daily newspaper for the professional political set) Marion Nestle and two fellow “preventive medicine” — the P.R.-approved name for food police — researchers expressed outrage that a Congressman would dare to suggest restricting the Centers for … Continue reading
As regular readers know, sugar scolding—whether it’s calling the sweet stuff “the most destructive force in the universe” or demanding that sodas as we know them be sin-taxed or even prohibited altogether—is all the rage these days among the nation’s … Continue reading
As California considers a punitive soft drink tax and a ban-anything-food-scolds-don’t-like law, would-be dinner dictators feel high on the hog. So as they promised in a journal article from last year, regulators are now proposing even more methods to shove … Continue reading
In California — the land of dubious ballot initiatives, prohibitionist stealth taxes, and 9.4 percent unemployment — a legislative committee has chosen to ignore the results of two local votes and press forward to add a $1.28 per gallon tax … Continue reading
German newsmagazine Der Speigel reports that Denmark plans to repeal its tax on sodas starting this year. The small European nation enacted and subsequently repealed a separate saturated fat tax. Demonstrating conclusively that people will get the beverages they want … Continue reading
Last month when all hope for adult decision-making in New York seemed lost, a New York state judge threw out the city’s proposed regulation limiting the size of sodas in restaurants and similar establishments. Now, the New England Journal of … Continue reading