Big news broke on Friday, and it’s good news for circus fans. An animal rights group that was accused of taking part in a mob-like racket to attack Ringling Brothers circus promoters Feld Entertainment agreed to pay Feld nearly $10 million … Continue reading
It’s been a dreary December for the lawsuit-happy radicals at Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Waterkeeper Alliance. But hardworking family farmers will be carrying some extra holiday cheer. The Waterkeeper Alliance has a knack for filing questionable lawsuits, but one now-dismissed suit in Maryland might be its worst yet. The Waterkeeper Alliance alleged that … Continue reading
At the Center for Consumer Freedom, we read activists’ bad ideas every day. We’ve already covered five of the worst proposals yesterday. We now present the conclusion of CCF’s Tasteless Ten Worst Proposals from a banner year in anti-food activism.  … Continue reading
Let’s face it: Santa’s a big guy. And in the eyes of the trial lawyers, he didn’t get that way on his own. Activists are trying to declare the Christmas cookies that you leave for the jolly old elf addictive, … Continue reading
We’ve written plenty about the lunacy from activists who think people are just like cocaine junkies when presented with a plate of bacon. Now, we’re spreading the news that the so-called “food addiction” theory is bunk, from sunny Southern California to chilly New England. … Continue reading

A Protected Thanksgiving

(November 21st, 2012)
As we warned yesterday, trial lawyers are back on the prowl and you never know when they might come for your holiday table. Protect yourself with CCF’s Thanksgiving Obesity Liability Waiver, and the food police will have to go elsewhere … Continue reading
While the rest of us dig into a gravy-soaked feast this Thanksgiving, the nation’s food cops and animal-rights nuts will be hard at work making the holiday less cheerful for those of us who dare to feast in spite of self-appointed and government-appointed … Continue reading
The radical Waterkeeper Alliance, no stranger to dubious lawsuits, might soon find itself neck-deep in chicken litter. The group, run by the “very reckless” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. — you might remember him for his dangerous claims against childhood vaccines — is slated to go to trial next week in its war … Continue reading
“Legislation today, litigation tomorrow,” we wrote all the way back in 2003. We (unfortunately) were right. Although everyone seems to know at least one starving law student, we would still advise against forwarding them a job offer from Yale’s Rudd Center … Continue reading
One of the goals of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is to grant animals the same legal rights as people, but this foolish quest suffered double setbacks this week. PETA is no stranger to losing in the … Continue reading