Less than a year ago we let you know about a coming wave of lawsuits that trial lawyers hope will fulfill their decade-in-the-making ambition to make food companies their next deep-pocketed victims. Calling food addictive is a pie-in-the-sky idea that food cop Kelly Brownell  believes “could change the … Continue reading

Hey CSPI, Sue Yourself

(August 15th, 2012)
The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) doesn’t have an enviable record of courtroom victories (We’ve compiled the “worst hits” here.) That hasn’t stopped the group from threatening Welch’s grape juice with a lawsuit over a “heart-healthy” icon … Continue reading
The Center for Science in the Public Interest’s latest frivolous food lawsuit may have been tossed from a California courtroom, but activist attorneys are targeting family farms, making hay over caramel food coloring, and happily wasting courts’ time ludicrously arguing that whales are slaves. Just who stands … Continue reading

CSPI’s Worst Hits

(April 5th, 2012)
A California judge’s recent dismissal of a class-action lawsuit against McDonald’s backed by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is only the latest in a series of court defeats for the nation’s food police. Unfortunately for California … Continue reading
You might remember that the Waterkeeper Alliance—conspiracy-peddling environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s group–is suing a family farm on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Recently, a judge heard pre-trial motions in the case, and he had some choice words for the Waterkeepers and … Continue reading
The latest fad in obesity research is to claim that Americans are fat because “fatty food addictive as cocaine,” to borrow from a Bloomberg News headline. Needless to say, Kelly “Twinkie Tax” Brownell is pleased by the implications of … Continue reading
The last time we wrote about California’s Proposition 65, we noted that Dunkin’ Donuts had cut online sales to California in fear of lawsuits under the overly broad toxics “right-to-know” law. The chain may have had the right idea: A … Continue reading

PETA in Double Court Trouble?

(February 7th, 2012)
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is taking to America’s courts to give animals legal “rights.” You might remember the utterly frivolous lawsuit filed by PETA against Sea World, which argued that the park’s famed killer whales were … Continue reading
Genetically modified (GM) food may have the potential to feed an ever-growing world population, but it just can’t catch a break from activist scaremongering. Combine misinformed propaganda with trial lawyers who want to diversify their income out of the ambulance-chasing business, and food … Continue reading
It’s been a few years since America’s pork producers suffered a sustained deluge of failed lawsuits from Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Waterkeeper Alliance, but that doesn’t mean that the group hasn’t been busy making life difficult for the families that … Continue reading