By: Rick Berman
Newspaper: Lexington Herald Leader

The complaints from the Humane Society of the United States (not affiliated with any Kentucky humane societies) about the state Board of Agriculture’s standards on animal care have no credibility (“Agriculture board approves livestock care standards despite objections,” March 27).

Not only does HSUS have zero livestock veterinarians on its executive staff, but it has an ulterior agenda to end animal agriculture completely.

HSUS’s food policy director, a former PETA activist, has wildly compared using farm animals for food to the Nazi Holocaust. Its vice president for farm animal issues has said that “eating meat causes animal cruelty,” and its CEO is an avowed vegan who is not only against livestock farming and hunting but has even said “I don’t want to see another cat or dog born.”

Unfortunately, most Americans think HSUS is affiliated with local pet shelters, according to public polling.

Kentuckians who don’t want to support a radical animal liberation agenda should be sure that their charitable donations go to local animal groups, not HSUS.