By: Rick Berman
Newspaper: The Journal-Standard

The Humane Society of the United States is making misleading statements in an attempt to deceive readers about its effectiveness. According to the American Institute of Philanthropy, HSUS spends as little as 50 percent of money it raises on programs. The rest goes to pay bloated overhead costs like fundraising, which is why the Institute gives HSUS a “D” rating (“J-S Letter: Sacia’s statements ‘false and reckless,’” Sept. 25).

In fact, HSUS’s tax return indicates that it spent nearly $50 million on fundraising-related costs in 2010. If you’ve ever gotten loads of cheap blankets, low-grade tote bags or other junk gifts from HSUS, now you know why. That money isn’t going to help care for animals, but goes into a fundraiser’s pockets. In fact, one direct mail contractor that HSUS has paid nearly $20 million in recent years is reportedly under investigation by attorneys general in New York and California.
The best thing for Illinoisans to do is to give directly to their local animal shelter, which likely is too busy actually caring for animals to get involved in factory-fundraising schemes.