By: Rick Berman
Newspaper: Columbia Daily Tribune

In response to the Oct. 11 opinion piece “State barking up the wrong tree,” if the Humane Society of the United States is so concerned about pet shelters’ finances, it should pony up instead of leaving them out in the cold.

According to newly released tax filings, HSUS made a paltry seven grants for animal shelter aid in Missouri last year, totaling just $42,000 out of a $126 million budget. Meanwhile, HSUS spent 32 times that amount on a political front group to push an animal-rights agenda at the state ballot box. Financial records indicate HSUS is sitting on $215 million in assets and has $32 million invested in hedge funds. Why are they sitting on all that money, which was donated for something other than Wall Street investing? Can’t HSUS spare more for the abused dogs and cats in its ads?

Missourians should make sure they’re giving to their local shelter and not a national group that hogs donations.