By: J. Justin Wilson
Newspaper: Philly Daily News

Perhaps Mayor Nutter knows that research doesn’t support his claims that soda taxes will reduce obesity. After all, he seems to subscribe to the view that the revenue matters more. (“Specter of Nutter’s soda tax still looms,” July 25)

A study by researchers from Duke-National University of Singapore found that even a steep 40 percent tax on sugared drinks would only reduce calorie consumption by 12 calories a day. That’s a fraction of 1 percent of the average number of calories Philadelphia’s adults consume daily. If Nutter wrote a diet book with that weight-loss strategy, he probably wouldn’t sell a single copy.

It’s certainly easier to browbeat people into accepting taxes based on their own fatness than to cut the fat out of government spending. But Nutter should try more of the latter before pushing the former on an already overtaxed city.