By: David Martosko
Newspaper: The Lincoln Journal Star

I’m writing to correct some information about the Humane Society of the United States. The nation’s wealthiest animal rights group often says it has 11 million members, but its own tax records and fundraising letters show that this is a dramatically inflated number (“Humane Society gets first Nebraska director,” Nov. 26).

In its 2009 income tax return, the organization writes that it only prints about 450,000 copies of its membership magazine (every donor at the minimum $25 level receives a subscription). And CEO Wayne Pacelle himself wrote in a 2010 fundraising letter that it has “1.2 million members.” Even this number is nowhere near 11 million.

As the Humane Society of the United States becomes involved in more political pushes for animal rights, Americans should be aware that the group doesn’t represent very many people at all.

David Martosko, director of research, Center for Consumer Freedom