By: Will Coggin
Newspaper: The Herald

The so-called People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is the last group that people should listen to about circus elephants. PETA is so extreme that its lawyers have argued in court that elephants are better off dead than being cared for and in a circus.

Circus elephants aren’t the only animals PETA has a death wish for. According to filings it makes with Virginia, PETA killed about 1,800 dogs and cats last year at its headquarters, or 82 percent of such animals in its care. Since 1998, PETA has killed over 30,000 cats and dogs, and two of its employees were arrested in North Carolina in connection with killing adoptable pets and dumping the bodies.

PETA’s idea of “ethical treatment of animals” may be a lethal injection needle, but that’s not something mainstream Americans agree with.