By: J. Justin Wilson
Newspaper: The San Diego Union-Tribune

It’s good that the U-T San Diego editorial board cut through broke cities’ spin and called proposed soda taxes what they really are: “scams.” There’s no evidence that a soda tax will appreciably slim down Californians or anybody else (“The soda tax scams,” Editorial, Aug. 6).

Research from Duke-National University of Singapore found that a steep 40 percent tax on soda would reduce daily calorie consumption by less than 1 percent of Americans’ current intake. We’d get the same results with none of the government intrusion if we went walking for a few more minutes per day.

Californians pay steep income taxes and one of the highest sales tax rates in the nation. Isn’t it time for politicians to tackle their own fat budgets before shaking down citizens for more cash because of their own fiscal irresponsibility?