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By: Will Coggin News Outlet: The Oklahoman  Two of Oklahoma City’s newest residents, Asian elephants Bamboo and Chai, arrived safely recently at the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden and will join five other members of their critically endangered species. Despite … Continue reading

Barbecue over baloney

(May 27th, 2015)
By: Will Coggin Outlet: The Town Talk Memorial Day marked the unofficial start of summer, and with it millions of Americans dusted off their grills for a weekend of marinade, meat, and cookouts. Unfortunately, a few uninvited guests are trying … Continue reading

HSUS’s legal shenanigans

(May 26th, 2015)
By: Rick Berman Outlet: Pork Network Do one-third of Americans really believe that animals should have the same rights as people? In a new Gallup public opinion poll, 32 percent of respondents said that “animals deserve the exact same rights … Continue reading

Chipotle’s A-pork-alypse

(May 18th, 2015)
By: Will Coggin Outlet: Customers at 600 Chipotle locations in 20 states recently learned that the company has a new definition of pulled pork: Not available here. According to the chain, one of its pork suppliers failed to meet … Continue reading

Going Bananas in Court

(May 5th, 2015)
By: Will Coggin News Outlet: The Daily Journal A New York court in Manhattan made a startling order recently that could lead to classifying two chimpanzees as “legal persons.” While animal liberation activists and lawyers celebrated the move, the order could … Continue reading
By: Rick Berman News Outlet: Pork Network The adage that “A lie will go around the world while the truth is pulling its boots on,” could hardly be truer than animal rights activists’ use of heavily edited undercover videos to … Continue reading
By: Will Coggin News Outlet: Des Moines Register This year, as with every year, we’ll hear more radical demands to overhaul our lifestyles. The vogue petition these days is to give up eating meat. From the “Meatless Monday” campaign to vegan … Continue reading
By: Will Coggin News Outlet: Daily Caller Let’s say you’re a multi-millionaire, or even a billionaire. Once you’ve conquered the business world and made your fortune, what’s left to do? For many of the wealthiest Americans the answer is simple: … Continue reading
By: Will Coggin News Outlet: Daily Caller Just in time for World Health Day, the food police are preparing to launch new calorie-label regulations that will be coming to a restaurant near you. After years of delays, the Food and … Continue reading
By: Will Coggin News Outlet: Daily Caller For Christians, the period preceding Easter — known as Lent — is a time for reflection and self-reform. For radical animal liberation activists, however, it’s a convenient excuse to twist religion to call … Continue reading