There’s something fishy about SeaWeb’s claim that swordfish are in
dire straits (“New fishing limits for Atlantic, Gulf Coast,”Page A-21,
April 27). According to SeaWeb director Vikki Spruill,”time is running
out”for swordfish, implying that the species is on the brink of
extinction. But according to the government agency responsible for
managing our nation’s fishery resources, her position is completely

“Swordfish are not considered endangered,”said a representative for
the National Marine Fisheries Services, which is also the agency that
shaped the policy. It also labeled SeaWeb’s”Give swordfish a Break”
campaign as misguided, and said it is”harming fishermen who have been
very compliant with U.S. and international quotas.”

The real surprise is that restaurateurs and chefs have bought
SeaWeb’s line and removed swordfish from their menus. Before they gut
their menus any further, they should make sure they get all the facts
about SeaWeb’s campaign.