For those who are confused by the recent protest against genetically improved foods (“New limits on bioengineered foods sought,” Page A-4, July 20), perhaps the remarks of a key speaker will clarify the mind-set of these wealthy activists whose antitechnology views would starve the already hungry.

Peter Hoffman of the Savoy Restaurant in New York City, who is pushing organic foods, said”we do not need” revolutionary”golden rice,”which is designed with breakthrough genetic technology to produce vitamin A to prevent blindness among Third World children. Hoffman even attacked the Nobel-prize honored”green revolution”of the 1960s, which allowed for the feeding of millions of starving people.”The green revolution was a dismal failure,”he said.”We don’t need it now, we didn’t need it then.”

In the zeal to push organic foods by using fear and fallacy as marketing tools, these activists will create even more hungry children who poor countries will not be able to feed.