Michael Jacobson’s March 4 letter, “Health advocates don’t deserve Nazi tag,” sugarcoats the activities of his organization, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI.)

CSPI urges Americans “to be more physically active, and to eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains and less fatty meat and dairy products.” But CSPI also has earned its reputation as heavy-handed food cops who arrest common sense in the name of political correctness.

Mr. Jacobson’s letter sidesteps decades of CSPI’s junk-science reports about soda pop, food coloring, meat irradiation and fat substitutes. He ignores CSPI’s calls for caffeine warnings on coffee ice cream, its support for new taxes on television sets and its proposal to ban fast-food advertising on television programs.

Because of CSPI’s nonstop media antics, Tufts University’s Web site said of the group, ” M uch of their advice falls outside the realm of generally accepted nutrition guidelines and recommendations.” This is not the profile of a group simply advising us to eat more fruit and vegetables.