It’s amazing to me that a professional activist like Michael Greger is taken seriously on matters of science and agriculture (“Don’t eat venison, doctor says,” Oct. 11 St. Cloud Times.)

Despite his denials, Greger is an animal-rights evangelist who pushes vegetarianism by making an unsuspecting public fear its food.

Greger regularly gives lectures warning people about the supposed dangers of contracting mad cow disease. He never offers scientific proof to back up his claims, and there has never been a documented case of a single person getting mad cow disease in North America. Now Greger wants us all to fear “mad deer,” but (again) the real scientists tell us there’s nothing to worry about.

In April a study conducted by a Nobel Prize-winning researcher determined that “those who eat the meat of deer infected with chronic wasting disease (CWD) are in no danger.”

The Nobel laureate in question is Dr. Stanley Prusiner, who won the prize in 1997 for his discovery of the rogue proteins thought to cause maladies like CWD and mad cow disease.

Whom should we believe – the Nobel laureate or the professional scaremonger?