In this world of tight deadlines and instant communications, it has become incredibly easy to slip an agenda-driven form letter into a newspaper opinion page. Craig Houser’s Nov. 20 letter (“Thanksgiving turkey a symbol of violence”) is a great example. It may surprise you to learn that the exact letter (word-for-word) ran in at least five other U.S. newspapers during the past week. In each case, the letter was signed by a different person. Coincidence?

This disinformation campaign against meat consumption is a project of the radical animal-rights group “Farm Animal Reform Movement” (FARM). Activists have done the same thing on at least a dozen occasions in the past three years, with one such mass-produced “letter” appearing in 22 papers last July. Our Thanksgiving turkeys have apparently become the latest breeding ground for disingenuous tactics like these.

Thinking people should take these activists and their scare campaigns with a grain of salt – and a healthy drumstick.