Regarding the story headlined “Holy cow! Would milk be dropped as state beverage?” (The Capital, Nov. 18):

Before your readers consider taking Bruce Friedrich of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, and his anti-milk propaganda seriously, they are entitled to know a little bit more about his views and those of his organization.

Last summer Mr. Friedrich told a rapt crowd of animal-rights convention-goers in Northern Virginia that “blowing stuff up and smashing windows” is “a great way to bring animal liberation.” He also assured the assembled activists that he personally advocates such criminal activities.

Mr. Friedrich continued: “I think it would be great if all of the fast-food outlets, slaughterhouses, these laboratories, and banks that fund them exploded tomorrow.” To a standing ovation, he added: “Hallelujah to the people who are willing to do it.”

To be fair, PETA puts its money where its mouth is. At last count, the group has spent over $100,000 in tax-exempt money trying to help “the people who are willing to do it” beat arson and attempted murder raps.