In comparing obesity to AIDS, heart disease, cancer and other “lifestyle and behavioral” diseases, commentary writer Steven Findlay overlooks one crucial fact: Unlike many of those conditions, obesity is largely reversible without a doctor’s intervention. Just eat less and move more.

Unfortunately, Americans have gotten away from such simple wisdom. And they’ve had plenty of help. Makers of weight-loss drugs lobby to define obesity as a disease. They know that if being fat is a disease, Medicare and private insurers will have no choice but to pay for expensive medications.

Adding fuel to this fire, trial lawyers continue to beat the obesity drum to justify supersized lawsuits. And I think social-activist groups consistently exaggerate America’s collective weight in a push for social engineering.

If eating too much is a disease, then so is laziness. Let’s call it “couch-potato-itis.” Does this mean Blue Cross will be forced to buy me a treadmill?