Re the June 13 Business story Antibiotics use protested: How odd that protesters from Keep Antibiotics Working (KAW) are targeting hamburger chains to scare Americans away from their favorite foods. They have said that these fear are unwarranted.

Earlier this year, KAW successfully campaigned against a proposed meat label that would assure consumers that “no detectable antibiotics residue” was present. KAW said the label would lead to “confusion,” and that it’s pointless anyway, since antibiotic residue is insignificant.

In a letter to the USDA, KAW wrote that “the available science suggests that the role of residues is relatively minor.”

If that’s true, and we agree it is, why is KAW marching around with a “pillburger” exhibit?KAW’s real agenda is to curtail meat consumption.

The antibiotic issue is simply a weapon to use against meat producers and restaurants.