It’s not surprising that Dr. Neal Barnard is trying to convince Americans that cheese and meat are “as addictive as cocaine” and linked to various cancers.

Barnard is one of America’s most devoted animal-rights leaders, so we should expect this sort of nonsense from him.

But it’s troubling that The Olympian would blindly print a wire-service story on Barnard’s radical assertions without alerting readers to his animal-rights agenda.

Barnard’s group, the misnamed Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, is a front group for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Tax records show that it has received more than $850,000 in funding from PETA and an additional $450,000 from other animal-rights groups.

The PETA Foundation has just three board members. One is PETA co-founder Ingrid Newkirk, and another is Neal Barnard. The animal-rights watchdog newspaper Animal People News calls PETA and the physicians committee “a single fundraising unit” and rightly accuses them of attempting to “evade public recognition of their relationship.”

The American Medical Association has called PCRM a “pseudo-physicians group” and considers its recommendations “irresponsible and potentially dangerous to the health and welfare of Americans.”

Barnard’s mission is the same as PETA’s: to permanently remove meat and dairy food from our diets. It’s sad that the media continues to treat him the way it would a legitimate, credible medical spokesperson.