John Stauber is not an agriculture expert. He is, by profession, an anti-business radical. Yet somehow his voice manages to sneak into serious media coverage of mad-cow disease.

Stauber’s doom-and-gloom pronouncements are driven by his bitter bias against traditional food-production methods. He sits on the national board of an organic-only food-activist group founded by anti-technology zealot Jeremy Rifkin. The organization has openly wished for a British-style “crisis of confidence” in American beef, in order to steer Americans toward organic food.

Stauber has spent his entire life in anti-capitalist activism. Even the Village Voice has written that he “comes from the far side of liberal.” His outrageous book, “Mad Cow USA,” was written with a grant from the Foundation for Deep Ecology, an outfit that advocates a “substantial decrease of the human population” in order to “save the planet.”

Stauber will likely keep promising a human epidemic that will never arrive. His scary predictions are based on activist hype, not sound science.