Michael Greger’s claim that “thousands of Americans may already be dying because of mad cow disease every year” is just his latest attempt to engage in deliberate scaremongering (“Mad cow’s untold story,” Jan. 12). There is absolutely no legitimate, peer-reviewed science that documents a link between Alzheimer’s and mad cow disease. Saying otherwise is flat-out deceptive.

Greger’s rhetoric seems calculated to make us all afraid of the U.S. beef supply. And no wonder: he is a frequent speaker at animal-rights conferences, and openly advocates strict vegetarianism on animal-rights grounds. His doom-and-gloom pronouncements are driven by a bitter bias against meat, and not out of concern for the public’s health.

Fortunately, they’re only scare tactics. The sky isn’t falling. Americans need to understand that any dire predictions about “thousands” of human deaths from mad cow disease are based on activist hype, not sound science.