While People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals whines about CBS’s rejection of its anti-meat TV commercial in “Political players should stay on sidelines at Super Bowl,” (CT, Jan. 30), the bigger story is the animal-rights group could afford to buy Super Bowl airtime in the first place. Apparently the radical organization had over $2 million to spare.

No one has asked PETA how many adoptive homes it could have found for stray dogs and cats with all of the money ­ probably because PETA doesn’t run any animal shelters.

Instead, the group has spent over $100 million since 1990 on misinformation and scare campaigns designed to terrify Americans into strict vegetarianism.

PETA’s TV-commercial gambit is an admission that the group isn’t as starved for funding as many Americans think.

Any non-profit organization sparing that much cash for a publicity stunt doesn’t need my money, or yours.