Regarding “Norman native selected for ‘Candidate'” (news story, June 15): As a public promoter of animal-rights violence, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals campaign director Bruce Friedrich has no business running for president as an “American Candidate” reality TV show contestant. Friedrich has promised to use his TV exposure to promote animal rights, but few Americans understand that his agenda includes arson, vandalism and intimidation.

Friedrich told a crowd of cheering activists in 2001 that “blowing up” fast-food restaurants, medical research laboratories and other animal-rights targets would be a “great” idea. And this month a judge issued a restraining order against Friedrich after he terrified a KFC executive and his family by stalking them at their home and church.

Unless the Showtime cable network renames its show the “Un-American Candidate,” Friedrich deserves no place on the program. Let’s hope he’s sent packing early.