People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals isn’t fooling anyone with its insistence that Kentucky Fried Chicken should force its suppliers into modest “animal welfare” reforms. (“KFC’s woes, and how to fix them” Aug. 1) In fact, PETA’s long-term aim is to entirely abolish the consumption of chicken – along with beef, pork, fish, and dairy foods.

At a recent animal-rights convention, PETA president Ingrid Newkirk addressed the issue of pressure campaigns that force businesses to change their animal welfare guidelines. “If anybody wonders about what’s this with all these reforms,” she said, “you can hear us clearly. Our goal is total animal liberation.”

“Total animal liberation” doesn’t mean that future three-piece dinners get a little more wing-flapping room. It means we don’t get to eat them. Period. It also means no pet ownership, no milk from cows, no leather, no circuses, and a long list of other no-no’s from this animal worship cult.

Any company pressured by PETA to make incremental changes in the name of “animal welfare” should understand this before they sit down to talk with these extremists.