Americans are already subjected to enough conflicting health advice without having to wade through ridiculous claims that caffeine is an addictive drug (“Kicking Caffeine,” Nov. 5).

Roland Griffiths, the researcher responsible for this latest assault on common sense, isn’t a very reliable source. The director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse has already rebutted his claim that caffeine is a “psychoactive drug.” And Mr. Griffiths’ earlier caffeine “addiction” study involved just seven human subjects – including himself and a family member.

His latest research also ignores a well-regarded 1999 study that demonstrated that one to three cups of coffee per day had no effect at all on the part of the brain responsible for addiction.

Mr. Griffiths’ implication — that coffee, tea and soda are driving us toward dangerous drug-seeking behavior – is just plain silly. Cash-strapped Americans aren’t knocking over convenience stores to get their next latté.