The latest and most thorough science on acrylamide in food, published this year in the British Journal of Cancer and in the International Journal of Cancer, found absolutely zero cancer risk. ( “Fries are fattening, sure, but dangerous?,” Dec. 28)

Still, it’s no surprise that the knee-jerk food police at the Center for Science in the Public Interest are clamoring for government intervention anyway.

When CSPI petitioned the FDA for action last year, the group admitted it arbitrarily “adjusted” government nutrition data to make its case. Look through CSPI’s fudged numbers, though, and you’ll find that ordinary people would have to eat over 175 pounds of French fries – every day, for the rest of their lives – in order to have any added risk of cancer. This hardly justifies slapping a scarlet “A” on fried foods that most of us are smart enough to enjoy in moderation.

“Experts” at the Ralph Nader-founded CSPI were apparently so eager to demonize French fries and potato chips (which they don’t believe we ought to be allowed to eat) that they ignored science and common sense, preferring instead to scare people.