It’s disturbing that animal rights radicals from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are indoctrinating small children with anti-fish propaganda (“Animal rights group to protest fish-eaters at Brown Barge Middle,” Nov. 16). Public health experts say we should be eating more fish, but PETA’s misinformation threatens to steer kids in the wrong direction.

Last year, PETA told the Associated Press that it “would never use shock tactics with children.” But PETA’s Pensacola protest is just the group’s latest attempt to scare kids, undermine teachers and fly under parents’ radar.

PETA activists hand out “Your Mommy Kills Animals” comics to children of fur-wearing moms and “Your Daddy Kills Animals” comics to kids of fishermen. PETA claims it doesn’t target small children, but a photo published in the Montgomery (Alabama) Advertiser showed a 2-year-old girl reading a pamphlet given to her by a PETA manager.

When school administrators have to choose between protecting kids and defending PETA’s right to harass them, they should always side with the children. Like other negative influences, the animal rights movement is something parents and teachers should work hard to counteract. Recognizing that PETA is after our kids is a good start.