It’s ironic that PETA is demanding an animal-cruelty prosecution of Smithfield Foods, since its own animal-killing employees are already facing the same charges less than 60 miles away.

While PETA pressures the Isle of Wight commonwealth’s attorney, two PETA workers face more than 40 animal-cruelty felonies in North Carolina. The pair will be tried in January for putting dozens of animals to death in the back of a PETA van – including at least six puppies and one kitten – and then tossing their bodies into a grocery store Dumpster.

This indefensible behavior is part of PETA’s larger animal-killing program, which has claimed the lives of more than 12,400 dogs and cats since 1998. To see PETA’s own reports documenting this pattern of behavior, visit

PETA’s hypocritical actions have become a global embarrassment for the group’s zealots. This animal rights group lives in a giant glass house. It shouldn’t be throwing stones.