The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is misleading consumers with its claim that a large number of American restaurants are boycotting Canadian seafood. (“Opponents turn up heat on eve of seal hunt,” March 25).

Research conducted by the non-profit Center for Consumer Freedom shows that less than one-seventh of the businesses listed on HSUS’s boycott website are actually shunning Canadian seafood. And a full 62 per cent were unaware that HSUS was publicly describing them as part of its campaign. In fact, one of the supposed “boycotters” was a vegetarian restaurant that never served any seafood in the first place.

It was remarkably easy to prove that this propaganda-laden “boycott” is a sham. Since HSUS was so willing to bend the truth in this case, consumers in Canada and the U.S. alike should view the animal rights group’s future claims with a jaundiced eye.