There’s nothing funny about an animal-rights terrorist group’s local affiliate flexing its muscle at the expense of an egg farmer. (“No doubt they’d be smiling, if they had lips,” Aug. 25.)

Animal-rights pressure group Hugs for Puppies is the Philadelphia chapter of SHAC — short for Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty. In November 2002, the group publicly announced that “SHAC Philly will now be referred to as Hugs For Puppies. Do not let the innocuous name fool you, we have a serious commitment to animal liberation.”

Six SHAC leaders (along with the organization itself) were convicted of domestic-terrorism charges in March and will be sentenced next month in a New Jersey federal courtroom. SHAC’s long-standing campaign of violence and intimidation targeted a medical research firm whose search for AIDS and cancer cures requires the use of lab animals.

Hugs For Puppies is this terrorist group’s Pennsylvania branch office, not a warm and fuzzy animal-welfare charity. No one should negotiate with extremists like these.