Apparently unsatisfied with demonizing steaks, chicken wings and milk the old-fashioned way, animal rights activists have begun to hijack newspaper opinion pages. By publishing Morty Williams’s letter on Dec. 29 (“Animal-related illnesses should lead us to veggies”), The Daily News Journal was an unwitting part of their propaganda exercise.

Williams’s letter was also printed, word-for-word, in at least 32 other newspapers since Christmas. In each case, a different activist “signed” it. The Farm Animal Reform Movement, a radical animal rights group based in Maryland, sent thousands of these fake anti-meat letters directly to newspapers last year.

When activists resort to phony carbon-copy letters to promote “rights” for cows, pigs and chickens, they don’t deserve to be taken seriously. Since the five biggest U.S. animal rights groups raised over $200 million last year, they can certainly afford to advertise their message like everyone else.