Contrary to the article “Animal activists hail NYSE deal on listing,” (Business, Tuesday) no animal rights activists are praising the New York Stock Exchange for listing the parent company of medical research firm Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Like many of its peers, Huntingdon is engaged in the search for AIDS, cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s cures. This requires the regrettable but very necessary use of lab rats. Despite the undeniable upside for humanity, animal rights groups universally side with the rodents.

The NYSE’s decision to do the right thing will likely please no one in the animal rights movement. Not the terrorist Animal Liberation Front, nor the malevolent press-hounds at PETA, nor the comparatively mild-mannered Humane Society of the United States. Given animal activists’ preference for protecting rats before sick people, it’s hard to believe their other pronouncements — including fatwas against meat, hunting, fur and circuses — enjoy any traction with the public.