It’s unfortunate but not surprising that women are confused about the importance of eating fish during their pregnancies (“Pregnancy full of conflicting food advice,” Friday). Nearly 50 environmental advocacy groups have tried in recent years to make Americans fear mercury in fish — the way we fear lead in paint.

Green groups made mercury their rallying cry in order to paint coal-burning electric companies as ecological villains, but they forgot one important thing: Fish is a health food. All of us (but especially moms-to-be) need fish in our diets.

Activist warnings about mercury-poisoned children have turned out to be false. Several landmark studies, including one last year from Harvard, show that the benefits of eating fish outweigh any hypothetical health risks. And now a government-funded study published in England shows that eating fish during pregnancy tends to produce high-IQ kids.

Could it be that environmental activists were the ones putting our children’s health at risk all this time?