I would like to correct some misleading information in a Nov. 11 letter by Susan Levin (“Plant-only is best”). A meatless and milk-less “vegan” diet is a fine choice for the tiny minority of Americans who believe in the “rights” of animals, but it is not a recognized cure for diabetes, cancer or other ailments.

Levin’s organization, the misnamed Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), is an animal-rights group, not a mainstream medical or nutrition organization. More than two-thirds of its $9 million budget comes directly from the wealthy founder of the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida. PETA has contributed $1.3 million.

Animal rights activists will naturally want to steer Americans toward plant-only diets, but they should be honest about their motives. And Americans with health issues should be listening to their doctors, not to a group of save- the-chickens radicals.