There’s a reason that Dr. David Ludwig wants politicians to hurry and regulate our diets before they get all the facts. The evidence doesn’t support him.

Previously likening obesity to SARS, tsunamis, and now global warming, Ludwig has a reputation for using scare tactics in place of concrete evidence. His most notorious claim is reduced life spans for those with excess weight. However, U.S. life expectancy continues to climb — reaching an all-time high this year. And recent studies have found that a little extra weight is actually good for your health.

Even Ludwig’s own research doesn’t support his latest allegations. In a 2005 study, he and fellow co-authors admitted that their dire prediction about the current generation’s longevity were “inaccurate,” relying on “collective judgment” rather than scientific evidence.

We teach our children to tell the truth. We should expect nothing less from those claiming to be their advocates.