The CDC’s findings in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) fly in the face of almost a decade of threats by obesity activists (“Childhood obesity rates stabilize,” May 28). The agency’s research demonstrates that childhood obesity rates haven’t increased since 1999. During that time, a handful of “experts” have likened weight gain to terrorist threats, global warming, and other equally calamitous scenarios. But apocalyptic (and bogus) statistics of “skyrocketing” rates of obesity among our kids only serve as justification for the increasingly intrusive government regulations sought by activist groups and overeager health officials.

This research quiets those shrill and unfounded claims. Clearly, parents, schools, business and others in our communities have all taken it upon themselves to make sure our children get enough physical activity and eat a balanced diet.

Though these findings clearly demonstrate that it doesn’t take obtrusive government policies to curb children’s weight, longtime obesity activist David Ludwig, who wrote an editorial accompanying the JAMA study, is still arguing that these results prove the need for even more bureaucratic intervention. It seems that no matter the news — good or bad — there will always be opportunists willing to leverage our kids’ health as an excuse to meddle in our lives.

Trice Whitefield, senior research analyst, Center for Consumer Freedom, Washington, D.C.