The new documentary film “Food Inc.” is a crafty hit job on farmers, ranchers, and other food producers (“New film offers troubling view of US food industry,” June 10). But it’s difficult to see how drumming up fear and anger about the so-called “typical” American diet is a good way to improve our food system.

From its “horror movie-style” soundtrack to the constant claims that consumers are being deceived, skeptical viewers will immediately recognize the film’s bias. Hopefully, they will also recognize its endless string of cherry-picked anecdotes and unsubstantiated health claims. The film’s takeaway message about expensive organic foods carrying a significant health benefit is just one such fable.

“Food Inc.” reportedly took six years to make. If its goal was to make Americans healthier and wiser, that should have been more than enough time to come up with something more constructive than a 135-minute takedown of everyone who works to feed us affordably.