Consumers shouldn’t be scared away from a diet rich in seafood, despite the scary headlines generated by a recent U.S. Geological Survey report about traces of mercury that have always been present in fish.

The Environmental Protection Agency standard used by the USGS is called a “water-quality criterion.” It was intended for use by scientists who evaluate the quality of water – not the healthfulness of eating fish that swim in it. But according to a more applicable standard from the Food and Drug Administration, every single fish identified in the new USGS report is safe to eat.

We need omega-3 fatty acids and other super-nutrients in our diets. And unless your income is above average, fish are the only reasonable place to get them. Turning a health food into a poison is the wrong approach to take, especially when no one can point to a real-world health risk.

David Martosko
Director of research
Center for Consumer Freedom