Re ‘PETA to move 40 Norfolk workers to Los Angeles’ (Hampton Roads, Dec. 2): When the animal-rights people at PETA announce where they’ll set up shop in Los Angeles, their new neighbors may want to take a few precautions.

Anyone wearing leather shoes or fur coats, for instance, should expect a red-paint surprise. University medical research labs near PETA’s offices should increase their fire, vandalism and theft insurance. Fundraising material for AIDS and cancer charities should be kept under wraps. PETA opposes all such disease research. It’s best not to provoke them.

And if any of PETA’s new neighbors have pet dogs or cats in the workplace, they should be kept indoors.
At its Virginia headquarters, PETA has operated an aggressive program of killing domesticated animals. Government records show that last year, PETA killed 2,124 cats and dogs while finding homes for just seven.

Los Angelenos may not know how to act around PETA’s employees. When in doubt, just cross the street. Better safe than sorry.

David Martosko
Washington, D.C.