What are you thankful for this holiday season? Friends and family? Your good health? Job security? Sadly, this year some Americans have little to be thankful for, other than the simple pleasure of enjoying their holiday meals.

But meat-hating animal rights activists and nutrition purists see the holidays as the perfect time to launch new scare campaigns. Some even proclaimed November as “Vegan Month.” And with it, the save-the-animals crowd has empowered itself to chastise you — for daring to eat turkey.

If your family is among the more than 45 million who enjoyed Thanksgiving turkey or is planning to have Christmas turkey, you might be surprised to learn that PETA thinks you’re cruel, compassionless, brutish and sub-human. Some of PETA’s other favorite adjectives are not fit for a family newspaper.

PETA routinely compares chickens to victims of the Nazi Holocaust, and animal farmers to serial killers. You can’t make this stuff up.