Animal-rights activists at the Humane Society of the United States are no doubt pleased with veal farmers phasing out pens for calves ("Hoosier farmers lead effort to raise veal humanely," Aug.17). But anyone who thinks that's where the story will end is sorely mistaken.

In the long run, the Humane Society won't be satisfied with the sale of any kind of veal. Even if calves got daily massages and slept on velvet comforters at night, the Humane Society and other groups would argue that calves have a right to not be eaten. Ultimately, animal activists are targeting beef, pork, chicken, eggs and dairy foods as well.

At a congressional hearing in 2007, I offered to buy the Humane Society president the most humane veal dinner on the planet if he would only admit such a thing as "humane veal" exists. I'm still waiting for a phone call. No reforms made by farmers, no matter how much they cost, will ever placate today's animal-rights movement.