Hollywood, CA — Today the nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom called on blonde-bombshell Pamela Anderson to donate all profits from her partnership in Hollywood’s “BlackSteel” restaurant to the American Liver Foundation. Anderson’s long relationship with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) hasn’t kept her from earning a second income with a menu that includes ham-hock ravioli, lamb chops, lobster tails, and the vegetarian sin-of-sins, foie gras.

And Pam continues to treat her Hepatitis C despite PETA’s long-standing opposition to the animal-based medical research that might lead to a cure. In 2002, Pam was a celebrity Grand Marshall for the American Liver Foundation.

“It’s outrageous for Pam Anderson to serve lobster and lamb chops at her restaurant while publicly campaigning against the so-called evils of chicken sandwiches,” said Center for Consumer Freedom director of research David Martosko. “And it’s hypocritical for her to strip naked for PETA while making the most of her animal-tested hair dye, animal-tested breast implants, and animal-tested collagen injections. It’s one or the other, Pam. Even you can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

Learn more about Pam and PETA at www.ConsumerFreedom.com.