Washington—Last night WSB-TV in Atlanta aired a groundbreaking exposé of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the U.S. animal rights industry’s richest and most deceptive fundraiser. The Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) consulted with WSB on this report, and CCF Director of Research David Martosko is available for follow-up interviews with media outlets that wish to explore this story further.

In a segment titled “Where Humane Society Donations Really Go,” WSB-TV quoted PAWS Atlanta Development Director Trey Burleigh: “They do their marketing very well, that’s for sure … I think that some of the folks who donate to the national organization may be under the false pretense, through no fault of their own, that that money is going to a local cause.”

CCF’s Martosko told WSB viewers that most of the proceeds from HSUS’s massive fundraising operations don’t benefit homeless cats and dogs. “It’s very deceptive,” he said. “It goes to lobbying, it goes to political contributions, it goes to pay huge staff salaries and benefits.”

The story is available online for viewing.