Washington – Today Hodge Elementary School, located in Savannah, will join the long list of schools targeted by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, as the radical animal rights group complains about circus animals that have entertained children for decades. In response, the nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom is alerting Savannah school officials about PETA’s broad attempts to convert children into animal “liberation” activists without the consent or guidance of parents.

PETA has targeted America’s kids with graphic comic books, age-specific websites, grotesque toys, schoolyard demonstrations, and e-mail alerts sent directly to these young children. The organization typically sidesteps parents and school authorities to lure young and impressionable students into radical activism.

David Martosko, Director of Research at the Center for Consumer Freedom, made the following statement regarding PETA’s tasteless campaign:

There’s nothing new about PETA’s band of lunatics wanting to make fools of themselves, but they should leave everyone’s children out of it. PETA is a multi-million dollar menace to children of all ages, and most parents don’t even know their kids are being targeted. The group’s campaigns often have violent or sexualized themes that are totally inappropriate for kids.

Parents shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that PETA is warm and fuzzy. It’s a band of radicals intent on doing away with all meat, dairy, circuses, zoos, aquariums, wool, leather, hunting and fishing. Worse yet, PETA even opposes the medical research that seeks to cure cancer.

For more information, or to read CCF’s comprehensive report “Your Kids, PETA’s Pawns,” visit www.ConsumerFreedom.com/PETAkids.