Today the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) called out New York State Assemblyman Felix Ortiz for his proposed legislation, bill number A10129, introduced last Friday that would prohibit the use of salt in the preparation of restaurant foods.

J. Justin Wilson, Senior Research Analyst at CCF, made the following statement regarding this ludicrous legislation:

New York Assemblyman Felix Ortiz must be hell-bent on making New Yorkers' diet as costly and bland as possible. Between taxing soda and banning salt, he has single-handedly insulted the intelligence of the entire state – no small task. Calling Ortiz's assault on salt "ill-conceived" doesn't do justice to just how hilariously inappropriate it is. I had to call his office just to make sure it wasn't a joke (it’s not).

What's next from Assemblyman Ortiz? How about regulators at swimming pools ensuring people don't swim within 30 minutes of eating? Levying a fine on anyone who snacks before dinner? Establishing a squad of "Floss Police"?

Assemblyman Ortiz must not cook for himself because his bill shows his ignorance of how food is made. Forcing a restaurant to stop using salt is the equivalent of telling a carpenter to stop using nails or a barber to not use scissors. If Ortiz were a competitor on Hell's Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay wouldn't even bother wasting a rant on Ortiz before sending him packing.