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Seinfeld’s “Soup Nazi” Stars as Food Cop in New Ad

Washington, DC – Fans of the classic TV series Seinfeld should enjoy the latest Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) television commercial featuring Larry Thomas — AKA the “Soup Nazi.” The stern authoritarian stars as a “food cop,” barking commands like “Salad Line!” and “No Food for You!” to a line of hungry restaurant customers, who must weigh in before ordering. They walk away thinking that maybe the war on obesity has gone too far.

This new ad closely follows the latest gathering of the nation’s leading food cops, dietary puritans, and greedy trial lawyers, who joined together to plot their next attacks on restaurants and food companies in the battle of the bulge. While CCF’s ad is humorous, the goals of these activists are not — they dismiss the role of personal responsibility in Americans’ diets, preferring draconian measures like Twinkie taxes, warning labels, and lawsuits to force us all to slim down.

Who better to portray such dictatorial culinary views than the man who put the fear of lunch into TV watchers everywhere?

The ad airs nationally this week on CNN, the Fox News Channel and Comedy Central.

To view the “Salad Line” ad, click here. To request a VHS or BETA copy of the ad please contact Mike Burita at 202.463.7112.

Founded in 1996, the Center for Consumer Freedom is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization devoted to promoting personal responsibility and protecting consumer choices. For more information, visit


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