Washington, DC – It’s true. Despite its attempt to portray itself as a mainstream medical charity, the animal-rights-oriented Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) acknowledges that its membership is almost completely comprised of individuals who don’t hold medical degrees. The closest Baldwin ever came to practicing medicine was to star in the sappy TV soap The Doctors and play a surgeon with a God complex in Malice.

Like Baldwin, PCRM has close ties to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and the animal rights movement. PETA has steered more than $1.3 million to PCRM. And PCRM president Neal Barnard also serves as president of the PETA Foundation. Animal People News has noted that PETA and PCRM are so closely connected that they should be considered “a single fundraising unit.”

Given the similarities, it’s no surprise that Baldwin is headlining PCRM’s 20 Anniversary Gala this Saturday, April 16 in Washington, DC to celebrate two decades of selling animal rights propaganda disguised as medically sound advice.

To learn more about PCRM’s unholy alliances, suspect pronouncements, and questionable leadership visit the new website www.PhysicianScam.com, or call (202) 463-7112.